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Turn "oh, cool product" into "take my Investment"

How to make your product explanation ready for primetime

Normally I start with some sort of analogy. But everyone here knows how their product works.

Explaining it correctly is a super fun game of tetris: fitting in the right amount of information, overview and design all in a slide or two.

Us Deck Doctors always see the need for better product explanations in pitches.

We don't care how your product works…

We care how your product works for a real world customer, compared to the solutions already out there.

So, you need to give them the what, why and how all in one - AKA the Deep Dive.

The Deep Dive is a few slides that will paint the picture of your product. Enlighten the deck viewer with exactly what you’re building, it’s the beginning of the true pitch.

Which brings us to our next point:

The Gut Punch.

Your Gut Punch slide should come hand in hand with your Deep Dive.

It’s the “Oh Sh*t” slide that really drives home why your product is the best.

It will help describe where you fit in the market, alongside describing your moat, and lastly will set you up well for your timeline slide.

Here’s our quick how to guide:

Deep Dive slides clearly show the ROI for customers and why/what problem you’re solving. Our main methods to convey this:

  • The Problem Build: Re-highlight your problem and explain how your product is improving the situation. Don’t get too nitty gritty here.
  • The Clear Impact: If you’re working with an already launched product, use your Deep Dive slide to show the immediate impact you’ve already had and how you’ve made that impact.

Here’s a great example from Gleam. They use one slide to give a simple overview of an impressive product.

Gut Punch slides should follow. It’s like the layup that follows a sick assist. Deep Dive sets you up for “oh cool product”, but the gut punch gets you to “take my money”.

  • Clearly state the strongest bit of rationale you have for an investor to jump into this company. This may be new tech or you having the first mover advantage.
  • If you’re moat is that you’re the only true product/service out there serving a niche, highlight that against your competitors.

One of our favorite examples: Luca uses their gut punch slide to pin themselves against competitors and then highlight the key pieces that make them winners.

These two slides are easily overlooked when it comes to strategically designing, but remember:

People don’t need to know every detail until they take a bite. Create a story, a desire and interest that will reel the investors in.

You got this!

See you next week for your check up 🔦,


PhD in Adding Pizzazz.

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